Package infix2postfix

Interface Summary
FunctionOperator This interface is a marker interface for "Function Operators".
VariableHolder This interface models container for variables in the expression.

Class Summary
BinaryFunctionOperator This class represents binary function operator like java.lang.Math#max (int,int).
BinaryOperator This class models a binary operator.
BooleanClient This class provides client interface for boolean expressions.
BooleanOperandManager This class represents boolean operand manager.
CollectionPostfixEvaluator This object can evaluate any postfix expression having custom objects as operands and operators.
DoubleOperandManager This class represents double operand manager.
FloatOperandManager This class represents float operand manager.
Infix2PostfixClient This class represents generic client interface for,
Infix2PostfixConverter This object converts infix expression into equivalent postfix expression.
IntegerOperandManager This class represents integer operand manager.
LongOperandManager This class represents long operand manager.
MathClient This class represents client interface for Infix to postfix conversion and postfix evaluation for mathematical expressions.
MathClient.OperandManagers Operand Manager's Enumeration.
NumericOperandManager This class represents Numeric Operand Manager.
OperandManager This class acts as a "validity criteria" for operands.
Operator This object represents any operator in the expression.
PostfixEvaluator This object represents an abstraction to any postfix expression evaluator.
StringPostfixEvaluator This postfix evaluator can evaluate postfix in java.lang.String format.
Test This test class provides some test cases and shows how to use the Infix2Postfix functionality in this package.
UnaryFunctionOperator This class represents unary function operator like java.lang.Math#sin (double).
UnaryOperator This class represents unary operator.

Exception Summary
InvalidExpressionFormatException This exception is thrown if the format of the postfix expression is not valid for a PostfixEvaluator's evaluate() method.
InvalidOperandException This exception is used to indicate an invalid operand for PostfixEvaluator object.
InvalidOperatorException This exception is used to indicate an invalid operator for PostfixEvaluator object.
InvalidPostfixExpressionException This exception is thrown if the a postfix expression is not valid.
InvalidSymbolTypeException This exception is used to indicate an invalid symbol type in the input of infix to postfix conversion.
InvalidVariableSpecificationException This exception is thrown when a specified variable managed by VariableHolder doesn't match the operand's datatype specification.